Wednesday, July 27, 2011

no snakes were injured

"Watch for snakes!"

The warning I received after I had eased my way into the wheat field. Doesn't this happen all the time - the warning after you've already taken the step, the wonder of if you made the right move? I ponder if this is a natural reaction from somewhere deep in our inner being or is it a behavior I have learned over time.

 [WGACA tee, Buffalo David Bitton jacket, vintage skirt [DIY from a dress], BR necklace,
F21 bracelet and other random bracelets.]

I recently had a conversation about this particular subject posing the question - what if...
what if, the news focused more on the positive and less on the negative.
what if, we focused more on love and less on hate.

what if, we focused on our riches and less on our debt.

Maybe if we switched to the positive our inner programing would change, news would be celebratory, Facebook posts would be full of life, we would read about how many people had jobs versus how many are unemployed. Would life be dramatically different or would our inner beings still scream "watch for snakes"?

And if we're throwing honesty balls in the air, my mind never went to snakes but I did question whether my gluten intolerance would be affected by standing in a field of my own worst food enemy.
But I said screw it, why the hell not.
The attitude I've had most of my life. Another time maybe, we'll discuss.

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