Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Parking

This photo stung a little when I fell upon it today.  Much like falling off a bike in my younger days, I have many a scar covering my knees from these stings.  You see I turn 32 in two days and I must admit I feel a sting, the age doesn't bother me -  its the lack of movement I feel in my life.  

Have I forgotten to pedal, have I lost my balance?

Chelsea & Violet Tee, F21 Sunglasses and Skirt, Vintage Boots, World Market Bag, random arm of bracelets, F21 rings

What does it mean to be living?  I feel I'm pedaling, I can see the miles but when I look around the scenery looks the same.   Somewhere along the line I traded my cruiser for a stationary bike but kept pedaling all the same.  No wonder my destination is nowhere in site.  

The destination, where is this mecca?  
 A place where I can't predict the conversation and exploration is a must.  

I want to talk art, fashion, books.  
I want to learn from the people I meet. 
I want to walk down the street and experience culture, eat at unique restaurants.

I want to feel it is okay to be me.


On a positive note, I will be celebrating my birthday with the bando and our besties hailed all the way from Miami.  Records will be spinning, booties will be dancing, livers will be wilting and laughter will be flying.  

Here's to drinking fancy water by the pool on a work day. 

Until next time,

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