Wednesday, March 31, 2010

me and my house alone...who says I can't get stoned

Sooo, here are some corners of my home.  Enjoy!

Thrifted - his buddy Bach hangs on the wall across from him!

My uncle drew in the '70's.

Kelly Wearstler books - need I say more?

Twilight Collection and the Magic 8 Ball Buddha. 

My new lovely bedspread.  Love it!

Antique Armoire.

Wall O' Art

Corner O' Art

Living Room and husbando.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This weekend I purchased the most beautiful boho style bedspread. It's the perfect compliment to our bedroom and the perfect size. [pics to come as soon as my husband tells me where the camera cord is hidden]

Bohemian Inspired Rooms...
In searching for these fab photos, I came across pictures from the movie Along Came Polly.
Polly's apartment = Boho at its finest!

Did you just spank me? 
No, no no, um.


What's in my pocket, you never knew...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ahh, a beautiful, crisp spring day.  I wish I could have spent the day reading a book under a tree in a park listening to some acoustic music, drinking some sparkling penguin water. (Just in case you are wondering what the hell penguin water is click here.)  Pandora put me in the mood this morning when it sent this song my way.

Someone please remind me, the next time a nice day creeps in between the crappy ones to have some decency and call in sick.  We are back to cold weather tomorrow with a chance of rain.  Poo...where is the warm weather, I have been waiting on it for months now.  Maybe mother nature will hear my wishes?  Probably not.  Bitch.