Sunday, October 10, 2010

elbow holes and charisma

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 I recently purchased the O Oprah Magazine.  I don't purchase magazines on a regular basis like I used to, but it was a late night, at the grocery store, and the thought of a magazine was intriguing.  So as I was waiting in line, into the cart the strategically place O magazine landed.  I actually forgot I purchased it until a few days later and I decided why not, I'll take this to read on my lunch break.  Fast forward to my lunch break, as I am eating the usual Chipotle [black beans, chicken, guac and lettuce with a blackberry Izze] I came across an article written by Martha Beck.   Martha Beck is a life coach and writer.  side-note: My uber cool and extremely intelligent Auntie Keri used to work for Martha and is a Master Life Coach too.  My Auntie Keri is one of the gifts I received when I married my husband.  

The article by Martha was all about charisma titled "Unlock Your Inner Superstar" and as I was enjoying my Chipotle I was like "ok, tell me how Martha!".  Martha believes "every human being is innately charismatic.  But within a few months, or a few years, many children mask their real selves.  Charisma, you see, draws attention , and attention can be a problem."  She continues on with a four step plan:

Step 1: Strike a Pose
This step comes with a challenge to stand, sit and walk like the most charismatic person you know.

Step 2: When you get to the Brink...Keep Going
This step requires you to find a littoral zone in your life and step beyond it as if you had no doubt.

Step 3: Focus Outward
The jist of this step is people pay attention to people who are paying attention to them.

Step 4: Take Space and Make Space
Know when to take the spotlight and know when to back away.

To read the article, click here.

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Here's to all of us finding our in charismatic selves...

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