Tuesday, September 28, 2010

beware pickpockets and loose women

 [gap jean shorts, random brown tank, minnetonka moccasins, 
nixon green watch, vintage rings, br necklace]

I was recently introduced to the sweet potato fries at a locally owned bar called The Anchor.  The wait staff all have colorful, cool tats that make me want to jaunt next door for a little ink action.  The bar is in an old renovated building with cool brick walls and chalkboards.  Oh man do I love a large chalkboard.  When I was little I used to love to play school.  I was the teacher and I had make-believe students. For a chalkboard I would use the closet doors in my playroom.  My parents must have hated it because [I don't know why, it came right off] for Christmas, Santa brought me a very large chalkboard from the school supply store and a chalk holder.  I used to love to put on rings and rub the chalk holder between my hands to hear the click, click, click like a "real" teacher.  Ahh, childhood and the hours I spent talking to myself my students!  I've brought up the idea of painting one of the walls in our office with chalkboard paint to my husband.  He has yet to agree but I still think the topic is up for discussion.  The sheer joy a chalkboard wall would bring me!

 The bar has fun signs throughout like the one above and dirty jokes on the walls in the bathroom stalls. 

E and I have resurrected the acoustic version of this song.  Enjoy!

until next time

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