Sunday, November 28, 2010

on a railway New York bound

Vintage Coat [inherited from my grandma], Seven Jeans, Zara Shirt, Vintage Cross Necklace,
AJ Morgan Sunglasses

I decided to pull this gem out of the closet and dust it off, actually forgetting about it until opening the coat closet the other day.  I try to avoid the coat closet as much as possible because of my adverse mood when  having to pile on a coat in the morning.  Does anyone else dread wearing coats as much as me? Finding it annoying to bundle up in a bunch of  extra clothing before even stepping outside and then after 5 minutes in the car, burning up without any help to get it off.  Those are the days when you don't hit any red lights either.  Smooth sailing in my 20 minute drive across town with one glove on and one glove off. 

But this amazing coat styled with cigarette burns by my unique grandma - I love.  Imagining her wearing it in the 70's in her high waisted jeans with her orange suede knee high boots gives me a nostalgic yearning to have known her better.  So it felt good to slip it on while we ran a few errands.  Our errands took us by a railroad track, which provided a perfect backdrop for the coat. 

As we were taking pictures, this Matchbox 20 song ran through my head on repeat.  "She got out of town on a railway New York bound..."

Here's wishing I was New York bound, instead I'm high-fiving everyone from Kansas.

until next time,

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