Sunday, January 17, 2010


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Like whip out my credit card, I don't care that we are on a budget honey, need this.  I covet the number 4.  It's my lucky number in so many ways.  I'd list them all out here but in effort to not sound crazy, I'm going to just let you know it's my lucky number!  This is the type of necklace as soon as it is acquired, you attach it to you neck and never take it off.  And, it would go perfectly with my half of a heart E necklace from Ecuador.  My 4 year wedding anniversary present that cost a whopping dollar.  Oh lordy...

here is the description of the brand from the website:


Albeit is the vision of renowned up-and-coming designer, Jenny Lu, to push beyond contemporary concepts and styles of Jewelry by redefining what classic is. The product is original and delicate jewelry with a sleek sophistication that not only enhances the wearer’s outfit, but also reflects a philosophy of life and style. It is elegant and understated, yet feminine, playful, and distinct.

The intricate designs uniquely cater to each individual’s personality and character without shamelessly screaming “look at me!” The option of choosing a letter, number, or symbol significant to the wearer is where the idea of Albeit comes into play. Everyone carries with them their own unique story, and the notion of that story being open-ended for them to pursue their dreams is where this romance lies.

The design of the sideway pendant is derived from the very essence of a cantilever in motion. Each pendant is hung horizontally from different vertex points to achieve the most balanced composition. The necklace in return provides art in flux; as it falls and shifts from various positions on the neck. Handcrafted, every piece is made with the highest caliber of craftsmanship and rendered materials. This truly is a celebration of classic and timeless treasures.


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  1. buy it!! if there was ever a credit card emergency...this is it. :)