Tuesday, January 27, 2009

to do list before the big 3-0

29 Things to do before I turn the big 3-0

(I had to make a few super easy since this day is sneaking up on me rather quickly)

1. Write everyday
2. Add 2 pairs of boots to my ever growing collection. I have a couple in mind!
3. Grow my bangs out and keep them this way
4. Read the newspaper more
5. Meet New York (this ones in the bag – can’t wait for April)
6. Learn to Knit
7. Learn Photoshop
8. Start working out
9. Eat less Mexican Food and more veggies
10. Save more money
11. Plant a garden and grow tomatoes
12. Finish the landscaping at the casa
13. Subscribe to magazines
14. Learn to cook fish
15. Visit the fam in Colorado – I miss the mountain air.
16. Go to Yoga on a regular basis
17. Finish the basement
18. Learn to run long distance
19. Sell my collection of vintage dresses on eBay
20. Keep in touch with friends
21. Spoil my niece when she arrives
22. Be understanding
23. Take more pictures
24. Start the “lost shoe” photo collection with Eric
25. Eat at home more
26. Laugh
27. Talk less, listen more
28. Be happy
AND 29. Be grateful for everyday

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